SCARECROW DESCENDER Halloween Animatronic

"Scarecrow Descender" Halloween Animatronic

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The guardian of this sprawling cornfield the Scarecrow was once an inanimate straw-stuffed dummy designed to roughly resemble farmer Brown. Hit by lightning during a furious summer hailstorm, he came to life. Now he takes his job as protector of the field a little too seriously. He's already murdered the farmer and his farm hands who have come to harvest crops, and it appears he'll viciously attack anyone who trespasses through his wicked garden. The Scarecrow Descender Halloween animatronic is a Horror Dome original that will cause your patrons to shriek in fear. As two crows pick at his head, this grass-filled ghoul look completely lifeless. Right when your guests are lulled into a false sense of security the Scarecrow lunges forward and attacks. He's a great addition to a ghastly barnyard, evil ranch, or demented cornfield scene. Made from durable materials, this potent prop will delight your customers for many seasons to come.