"Santa Party Hat - Red/White" Christmas Costume Accessory

"Santa Party Hat - Red/White" Christmas Costume Accessory

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Ho Ho Ho! Take a seat on Santa's lap, kids, and tell jolly old Saint Nick what you want for Christmas. Better not ask for too much, Santa knows exactly who's been good and who's been bad. Whisper your wishes into his ear. Who knows? You just might get what you want this year... if you deserve it.

Whether you're working as a traditional mall Santa, handing out presents at the office holiday event, or entertaining young family members on Christmas Eve, you'll find the Santa Party Hat from The Horror Dome is a must-have accessory. In short, you simply can't be Santa without one. Manufactured from red felt and featuring trim and pompom made from white faux fur, this classic cap is instantly recognizable to both young and old.

Set up a Christmas scene at your haunted house attraction and bring in some extra business around the holidays. Volunteer to tell stories at the local school, or go caroling around your neighborhood with friends and family. With a Kris Kringle hat, a big smile, and plenty of holiday cheer, you'll have a Christmas to remember.