"Rotty Randy Painting" Haunted House Decoration

"Rotty Randy Painting" Haunted House Decoration

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Welcome to MoMa! Don't expect to see Van Gogh's and Pollock's in this grisly gallery though; this my friends, is the Museum of Macabre Art. Through bone-chilling seances, talented artists have made contact with the evil spirits in the netherworld. Many have sold their souls for a few fleeting glimpses of the spectral undead. Now they rot away in Hell for all eternity, with these ghastly paintings as their only legacy.

The Rotty Randy painting is a shockingly realistic piece of wall art that will make your guests scream in terror. Hand painted by the demented artists at The Horror Dome, this fantastically frightening work measures 24"" x 36"" and comes ready to hang in a study custom frame. Randy himself is a decaying corpse with one beady eye staring intensely at the viewer.


Put together an exhibit of undead demons at your haunted house. Visitors will love browsing these wicked works. Rotty Randy is wonderful for greeting trick or treaters on Halloween, or setting the mood at your masquerade ball. When your front door swings and reveals this murderous mug, the local kids will think twice about venturing inside for some delicious candy.

Paintings measure 24in x 36in.