ROTTEN CORPSE Halloween Decoration

"Rotted Corpse" Human Body Halloween Prop

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Rumor has it this old decaying mansion holds a grisly secret. They say a hidden passageway leads to a subterranean torture chamber underneath this sprawling compound. As you slide a fake bookshelf to the side and descend a narrow staircase into the darkness, you realize the legend is true. You flick on your flashlight and to your terror, right in front of your face hangs the Rotted Corpse. Hanging from the ceiling by a metal chain, this poor prisoner seems to have die a slow and agonizing death.

The Rotted Corpse Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a Hollywood-quality prop that's hand detailed by inspired, and demented, artists. Hanging by his wrists from a rusty metal chain, this hapless hombre's face is frozen in a frightening anguished scream. Missing the lower half of his body, it's assumed his dead legs were nibbled away by rats or other cellar dwelling animals.

Create a ghastly scene in your haunted house attraction, freak out the local kids on Halloween, or add big-budget looks to your indie slasher flick with this bone-chilling decoration. The Rotted Corpse prop also makes a wonderful addition to any collection of macabre merchandise.