Decaying Flesh Mask with Teeth

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Awoken from eternal slumber by a devilish curse, this Decaying Man has joined the ranks of the living undead. Stumbling through the land in search of fresh human flesh, he has a murderous appetite for agony and death. The beginning of a zombie infestation or just an isolated incidence? It will hardly matter when you find yourself in his ghoulish clutches. Stronger than he looks, this rotting demon locks his jaw around your neck. The last sound you ever hear is the cracking of your own spine.

With a few strands of wiry hair still attached to his disgusting pale scalp, and empty dead-looking eye sockets, the Decaying Man is quite the looker. The skin on his face as rotted away to leave rancid-smelling muscle tissue and tendons exposed.

Freak out the neighborhood trick or treaters with the Decaying Man Halloween mask. This high-quality studio-worthy creation is hand painted and detailed by the inspired artists and craftspeople at The Horror Dome. It'll take your haunted house to a new level, make your homemade zombie apocalypse movie look big-budget, and scare the pants off your neighbors. Made from durable materials, you'll get many nights of terror out of this premium mask.

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