"Repossessed Demon" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Possessed by pure, unadulterated evil, this demon roams far and wide in search of delicious human flesh. He emerges from his subterranean lair at sunset, and hunts until daybreak. A terrible nightmare come to life, his wretched odor announces his presence before you feel his rotting teeth plunge into the back of your neck. Will you become another victim, or fight him off and escape?

Created and crafted by The Horror Dome, this premium over the head mask ghoulishly realistic. This Repossessed mask makes an incredible addition to any collection of macabre merchandise. Frighten the neighbors, create the most bone-chilling haunted house in town, or shoot your own original monster movie with this brilliantly designed mask.

The Repossessed Demon Halloween mask will cap off the perfect costume this year. With rolled-back undead eyes, grey strands of cobweb-like hair protruding from a balding scalp, and a bloody mouth oozing green bile, this creation will strike fear into the hearts of even the most hardened trick or treater. Designed with chest and shoulder coverage, you'll have a seamless fit for a Hollywood-quality look. Choose the Repossessed mask and send shivers down the spines of those unlucky enough to cross your path.

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