Rat Trap Animatronic Decoration

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Years of illegally dumping toxic and radioactive waste in the woods outside of town have led to some pretty interesting results. Though these freaky giant rats are an impressive sight to behold, you don't want them sneaking up and taking a bite out of you while you slumber. Better place a Rat Trap next to your bed. You'll catch that rascally critter before he can make you his next meal.

The Rat Trap Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is a ghastly design that features a giant, pink-skinned rodent caught in an oversized mousetrap. Baited with a large chunk of cheese, it must have looked irresistible to this hungry vermin. Now snagged in the trap, he squeals, flops, and twists as he slowly dies. This shocking animatronic will be a great fit for any decrepit basement, mad scientist's underground lab, or toxic waste spill scene in your professional haunted house attraction. Guests won't be able to peel their eyes away from this sad, grisly, and unsettling sight. Rats live in colonies; there's never just one. Make sure your visitors understand that even though you caught this rodent, many more lurk in the shadows.