Ralphy Creepy Porcelain Doll

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Ralphy, wicked little boy doll. He has a porcelain head, hands and legs on fat sitting cloth body. He is 21" tall. He has red mohair and blue eyes.

Creepy Victorian, Gothic inspired doll to add to your collection of wicked dolls. Purchase before he is gone.

Doll has been repainted to look creepy, gothic, scary or spooky. Great as Halloween prop or just for creepy year round decoration.

Scary, creepy, dead, weird dolls are made from damaged, warped, used and new parts. Recreated into creatures unique, whimsical, dead or just plain creepy. Dolls are OOAK. Artistically created and brought to you by TheHorrorDome.com. 

This is a one of a kind doll and once it is sold it is gone for good.