"Rage the Brute" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"Rage the Brute" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Captured on a remote tropical island and subject to hundreds of painful medical tests, it's safe to say this Brute is a more than a little ticked off. In fact, his unwavering anger has earned him the nickname Rage. Now the scientist are through poking and prodding him, he travels the world in a freak show. This proud hunter spends his days being taunted and jeered by onlookers at the carnival. If he can break his chains, he'll surely be out for revenge. The Rage the Brute Halloween animatronic is a full size beast who screams and moans while struggling violently to free himself from his shackles. Operated by either a switch, or an optional pressure pad or motion sensor, he can be triggered right as your guests approach, causing quite the fright. Hand detailed by the expert craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this furious fellow looks shockingly lifelike, and hungry for blood.