Predator Head Halloween Decoration

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Custom made in the USA. Please allow 3 - 4 Weeks for Delivery.

This intergalactic intruder came to planet Earth for the thrill of the hunt, but it was his head that ended up on a stake. With a menacing mouth and beady, uncaring eyes, this ferocious fiend expected to be at the top of the food chain, wherever he may land. Though Earthlings are somewhat more fragile than this brutal beast, we sure know how to put up a fight when our lives are on the line. The Predator Head Halloween decoration is made with a real mold from the classic 1980s sci-fi/horror flick. Hand detailed by the experts at The Horror Dome for ultimate realism, you'll swear this merciless murderer jumped right off the sliver screen. This Hollywood-quality prop will make a fabulous addition to any collection of science fiction memorabilia. It's also a great piece for a hall of severed heads exhibit in your haunted house, or as a conversation starter in your basement billiards- or barroom.