Fullsize Predator Display Halloween Decoration

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Custom made in the USA. Please allow 6 - 8 Weeks for Delivery

He came to this world for the thrill of the hunt. Now it's you in the Predator's sights. Out run him, or try to hide. Stand and fight, or nuke the entire island; there's no surefire way to escape this cold-blooded killer. considering he has infrared vision that can see your heart beat through the dense jungle, incredible stamina that keeps him from tiring as he stalks his prey, and armor-like skin that can deflect a speeding bullet, it's probably best to call in that airstrike. Any sci-fi or horror fan will love the Fullsize Predator Display Halloween decoration. The star of the popular 80s action flick, you'll expect this seven and a half feet tall statue to come to life. Produced from the original movie mold created by special effects director Stan Winston, you couldn't get a more authentic Predator if you plucked one off the set. Hand painted by talented artist at The Horror Dome, you'll appreciate the intricate detail on this murderous alien.