Possessed Talking Head Puppet Halloween Decoration

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Separated from his body by a brave monster hunter, this Possessed Talking Head won't shut up. Seems demons don't really need their body to stay undead. This deranged jerk spits ancient Latin phrases at his captors. What on Earth is he saying? Are these magic curses that will bring bad luck and illness to everyone within earshot, or simply insults hurled at the humans who decapitated him? As you gaze into his maniacal eyes, you worry it's the former. The Possessed Talking Head Puppet Halloween decoration is controlled by you. Make him scream at your guests, and leave them with weeks of nightmares. Hand painted and haired by brilliant craftspeople at The Horror Dome for the most realistic look possible, this grotesque demon will be a great addition to your hall of severed heads. Display on your front porch and give trick or treaters a fright, or add him to your collection of macabre memorabilia.