"Possessed Pumpkin" HD Studios Pro Mask

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Something rotten is growing in the field. The Possessed Pumpkin is an aggressive brute with a real chip on his shoulder. He's free of the farm and looking to cause havoc in your neighborhood. Why is this sinister squash so hell-bent on causing death and destruction? Some say he was deformed child of a farm wife who ate too much pumpkin, and now he seeks revenge against those who shunned him as a boy. Other's believe he's the Devil himself, in Jack O'Lantern form.

This mask features a split pumpkin head, with a demonic face emerging from inside. It give the appearance of both a wide-open ferocious mouth, ready to strike, and a being horrified at the transformation taking place within his body. Either way you choose to play it, the result is shocking.

Perfect for freaking out a truck full of kids as the haunted hayride passes your field, The Possessed Pumpkin Halloween mask is half vegetable, half villain, and 100% vile. A Horror Dome original, you'll appreciate the intricate detailing on this hand crafted creation. Wear it with a burlap sack for a classic combination and win first prize at the next costume contest, or add one to your collection of macabre merchandise.

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