Possessed Evil Twin Halloween Costume

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EAT, DRINK and be Horrifying! Enjoy the total Freedom usually not offered with high end Costumes. With our NEW Line of Evil Twin Costumes you can eat and drink while Terrifying the town. One hand controls the puppet while the other hand is free to perform as usual. Also with our Evil Twins you will not have the confinement of a mask so eating and drinking will not be a problem. Perfect for Parties our Evil Twin Costumes are sure to be a big hit for this Halloween. Possessed comes complete with head, torso with velcro straps, arm with hand, voice module, Possessed White Shirt with Bow Tie and Tuxedo Jacket for two. Evil Twins are disturbing creatures that you control. Slip into one of these terrors and see what they mean when they say :two heads are better than one." Each Evil Twin comes complete with moving mouth and head that actually talk with the help of a voice module that is included with the costume. Evil Twins come complete with head, torso, arm with hand, voice module and high quality costume.