Portrait Leaper Halloween Animatronic

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You don't know much about art, but every now and then, a painting really grabs you. Some discount art dealer bought this unwanted creation at a low low price, and is trying to present it as a masterpiece. Only problem is, the painting is possessed by sinister demons. Charmed by it's unique personality you've purchased it and brought it home. Almost as soon as you've hung it up, the subject pounces off the canvas and into your living room. The Portrait Leaper Halloween animatronic is a startling prop that will catch your patrons completely off guard. As they saunter by, the picture comes crashing off the wall and a grotesque zombie wearing tattered rags and covered in rotting flesh jumps out. A bone-chilling Horror Dome original, this animatronic features hand detailing for maximum realism. Add this creepy composition to your ghoulish gallery, stock up on wine and cheese, and open the doors to the public.