Pickles the Plaid Clown Costume

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Welcome to the party, have you met Pickles the Clown? This plaid clothed jokester loves being the center of attention. He'll make fun balloon animals, paint your face to look like a kitty cat, and wow you with a tricky juggling routine. Everybody loves this colorful comic, just make sure you stay on his good side. We all know clowns have a way of turning into murderous madmen once the sun goes down.

The Pickles the Plaid Clown Halloween costume from The Horror Dome features a full jacket and pants combination suit. With blue, yellow and red plaid patterns this patchwork or color is festive and eye-catching. Rock a classic clown wig an a red nose, and you're all set for an afternoon at a children's birthday party. Wear it with a bone-chilling zombie mask and add plenty of fake blood, and you'll have a gruesome look for freaking out your neighbors and the local trick or treaters.

However you choose to play this character, you'll find the Pickles costume leaves an unforgettable impression. Squeeze into a little car with your buds, or squeeze a dead body into your trunk with this amazing getup.

Quality clown costume with bright plaid jacket and pants. Adult LG 46-48.