Pillar Prop - Pro Set Pieces

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They say a curse will strike anyone who steals the jewels of this ancient temple. It's probably nothing but an old legend, but these places have been known to be booby trapped. You keep an eye out for false floors that may give way, pillars designed to fall on trespassers, and hidden holes that fire poison darts out of the wall. All this, just to protect some jewels? They must be more than simple shiny rocks.

Help set the scene in your haunted house attraction with the Pillar prop from The Horror Dome. With a few of these 40"" tall set pieces you can turn any room into an ancient temple, vampire's lair, or underground dungeon. Hand detailed to look like real stone, this lightweight and easy to set up Pillars are made from foam-filled latex with imbedded pipes for support. They're designed with flat backs to be placed against a wall.

Is there a boring wall in your haunted house attraction that seems to need something extra? A few of these Hollywood-quality set pieces, and some fake cobweb can make the whole scene come alive.

Latex and foam filled with imbedded pipes for support. 23 in. wide x 17 in. deep x 40 in. tall.