Pick 10 Flex Bodies Halloween Decoration

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As you step through the yellow police tape, you know you're in for something special. You've been a homicide detective for five years, but you've never seen a multiple victim crime scene before, not in this sleepy neighborhood. First the smell strikes you; the unmistakable scent of rotten and decaying flesh. Then your flashlight grazes a bloodied clown with an axe wound in his head, a young woman in a flowery dress, hanging from a noose, and the local butcher, struck down with his own cleaver. The Pick 10 Flex Bodies Halloween deal is a quick and cost effective way to get your haunted house off the ground. Browse a full line of hand painted and detailed Horror Dome originals that all feature Hollywood-quality looks and tough, durable construction. Create a demented big top where evil clowns fight for supremacy, a basement torture chamber, or the headquarters of a murderous cult. The choice is up to you.