White Faces Outdoor Light Show

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As Halloween approaches, the divide between the realm of the living and the underworld seems to steadily collapse. Anguished spirits appear to spread their eternal misery and suffering. Areas near energy vortexes are especially vulnerable to spectral attacks. Talk about being unlucky, it turns out your new house was built on one of these mystic vortexes. Get ready to make some new supernatural friends.

The White Faces outdoor light show from the Horror Dome is an easy to set up lighting effect that will make decking out your home for Halloween a total breeze. This powerful projector displays one of six creepy ghost faces on the wall of your home. Also great for use indoors, these projector effects can transform any room into costume party central. This rig comes with six ghastly faces from which to choose, including skull designs, a grey alien-type face, and a ghost with a demonic and devious smile. Whether you're spreading the holiday spirit in your neighborhood, or looking for a unique decoration for your haunted house, you'll find this incredible light show is up to the task.

<6 different slides included. Indoor and outdoor use.