"Old Slim the Zombie Dog" Animal Halloween Prop

"Old Slim the Zombie Dog" Animal Halloween Prop

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Who's a good boy? Definitely not Old Slim. Old Slim is a very, very bad boy. This malevolent mutt was once a friendly canine companion, until he was bitten by an infected zombie. Now this ferocious Fido is a guard dog for the army of the undead. He's ready to main, maul, and murder anyone who tries to enter his masters macabre mansion.

The Old Slim the Zombie Dog Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a hand detailed prop that looks shockingly realistic. He's a mangy monster with decrepit pale grey skin and sporadic tufts of hair. With yellow, beady eyes, a vicious mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, Slim is sure to induce nightmares in all the local trick or treaters who catch a glimpse of him. Over 4ft long and made from lightweight foam and durable latex, this premium decoration will add some holiday spirit to your home or place of business.

Set a grisly scene in your professional haunted house attraction with this deranged doggo. Pair slim with a dismembered body and add a little fake blood. It will look like this horrifying hound is in the middle of a feast.