The Shadow Stalker Halloween Costume

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Moving stealthily through the darkness, the Shadow Stalker leaves the ruins of his castle at night to snatch an unsuspecting victim from the town below. The result of a greedy man's deal with the devil, this ghastly demon feeds off of pure human agony. Unfortunately, his captives keep dying, so he must continually replenish his stock of suffering souls. If you've heard of a missing person, chances are, they ended up in his torture chamber. Hopefully, their stay there was mercifully short. Night Terror costumes from The Horror Dome add a full foot to your height. The Shadow Stalker is a towering beast with vampire-esque ears, a mouth full of ferocious teeth, and beady, uncaring eyes that see perfectly in the dark. His monstrous hands are ideal for grasping his prey. He's a classic brute who can star as the caretaker of your haunted house, or scare the socks off local trick or treaters.