Night Terror Double Trouble Halloween Costume

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Run for your life upon the sight of the two-faced monster they call "Double Trouble." With two mouths to feed, this beast has an unquenchable appetite for fresh human flesh. You can't sneak by this demonic hunter. Eyes on both sides of his head give him almost 360 degree vision as he searches for prey. A ghoul straight from the underworld or a result of a botched genetics experiment? Either way, this cruel creature won't stop until he is fed. The Night Terror Double Trouble Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is expertly detailed by our talented designers. Nothing less than a work of wearable macabre art, you'll steal the show at the next costume party. Guests at your haunted house won't soon forget being chased around the premises by this uniquely terrifying character, and trick or treaters will think twice before venturing down a dimly lit street. Bring home a bone-chilling costume today.

Double Trouble Includes:

  • Deluxe Oversized Mask
  • Hand/Arm Extenders
  • Feet

The Night Terror Double Trouble is a halloween costume offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome.