"Night Rage Werewolf" HD Studios Night Terror Costume

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As the darkness of night starts to set in, you see a full blood-colored moon rising about town. First your skin starts itch and tingle, then coarse, think wolf hair starts pushing up through every follicle. You howl in pain as your teeth suddenly grow into razor sharp canines and your nose and ears transform into precision sensors, perfectly calibrated for the midnight hunt. You damn this ancient curse with your last human thought till morning. For now, your bloodlust takes over, and you stalk the streets looking for a victim. Lock the doors and load up the silver bullets, because the Night Terror Werewolf is on the prowl. Halloween costumes from The Horror Dome provide Hollywood-style looks without the high production costs. These impressive costume sets can add up to a foot to your height, and include oversized paws with massive claws. Freak out the local trick or treaters, or petrify guests at your haunted house dressed as the Night Terror Werewolf.

Night Terror Werewolf Includes:

  • Comes with a Deluxe Oversized Mask, Hand/Arm Extenders, and Costume
  • Includes a mask and shoulders that add an extra foot to your height
  • Feet and Legs
  • Werewolf Shirt

The Night Terror Werewolf is a collector halloween costume offered exclusively by the experts at the Horror Dome. One Size fits most