Regan from the Exorcist Halloween Prop

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Something wicked has taken control of this sweet little girl, and now poor Regan is in desperate need of an exorcism. With murderous eyes, a demonic cackle and foul breath, this pint sized devil child is ready to wreak havoc on the town. Can she be saved, or is this possessed preteen to be forsaken by her family; cast out, or put to death? As priests try every last trick in the good book to evict the dark energy from her body, the task is seeming increasingly futile. The Regan from The Exorcist Halloween prop is a Hollywood-quality design that will have fans of the classic horror film gazing in disbelief. This macabre sculpture depicts the cursed kid snickering in evil delight, based on the last scene in the movie. Crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, she features real human hair and lifelike skin made from silicone and resin.