"Monster Clown Attack" Halloween Animatronic

"Monster Clown Attack" Halloween Animatronic

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Pennywise Clown stands with head down, then head lifts and twitches left to right, arms lift, elbow bends, shoulder lifts as he shoots out 8′ while screaming to come face to face with patrons. *** Scissor throw can be shorter if needed. 5 foot, 4 foot, 3 foot, 2 foot throws options also available.

Comes with Character, pneumatics, programmed controller, motion sensor and sound system. (Plug & Play)

Audio package includes: Digital audio player, Powered speaker and Audio scream effect.

Foot print for rig is 46″ d x 28″ w x 70″ h.

REQUIREMENTS: AC power and Air 100 psi.