Midnight Creeper Mask - New for 2018

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Don't get caught walking home after dark. The Midnight Creeper is out on the prowl, looking for his next victim. Nobody knows why this aimless drifter turned to a life of grotesque crimes, but one thing is for certain: if he sets his sights on you, your days are numbered. He'll break your neck with one chomp from his powerful jaws, and drag you back to his lair.

A full, over the head design, the Midnight Creeper mask will provide a seamless look when worn with a shirt or jacket. Hand crafted by the talented and demented craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this ferocious lunatic makes an unforgettable and adaptable character that can fit a range of narratives in your haunted house.

With bloodshot eyes bulging from murderous rage, a fiendish smile that exposes rows of jagged and rotting teeth, wiry brown hair, and wrinkly grey skin that looks tougher than leather, he's a bone-chilling site to behold. Straight eyebrows at an intimidatingly sharp angle, and a throbbing forehead vain round out this villain's look. Watch your guests recoil in terror when the Midnight Creeper pounces upon his prey.


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