"Maniac Mental Breakdown" Halloween Prop

"Maniac Mental Breakdown" Halloween Prop

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Production on this product is booked up until October. This product will not ship until after October 2022.

What ghastly site did this poor fool see that triggered a paralyzing mental breakdown? As you wander through the corridors of the haunted mansion, you have to wonder. Was it a heinous murder, a mutated monster, a mind-bending alien intruder? Perhaps it was simply the suspense that did him in!

The Maniac Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is an incredibly realistic prop. Hand detailed for maximum effect, this cowering chump is perfect for adding a little psychological thrill to your scene. Often times, it's the suspense and expectation that set up a fright that make the whole experience come together with terrifying results. With a little imagination and the right attraction design, you'll have your guests shrieking in fear, just like this hapless hombre.

Approximately 22"" x 28"" x 22"", this broken-down bud is wearing black boots, blue jeans, and a tan shirt. He sports an expression that can only be described as ""highly distraught,"" and seems to be mildly gnawing on his own arm. With his other hand, he grips his forehead as an attempt to silence the inner demons within.

Cringing disturbed character. Realistic hair and film quality eye. Light, highly durable and weather resistant. Approx 22"x 28"x 22".