Severed Male Head Halloween Decoration

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Poor old Sal was taking a stroll through the woods when he was captured by a murderous sect. A human sacrifice to please their dark lord, he was decapitated in a demonic ritual. Now his chopped-off skull serves as a reminder of the terrible deeds humans are capable of. Watch your back when you traverse these dense woods, you never know who may be stalking you, and what depraved plans they have for your captivity. This Severed Male Head Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is hand painted and haired for a bone-chillingly realistic look. Detailed by talented and twisted artists, you half-expect him to come to life and start screaming in agony. Sal is the perfect addition to an hall of severed heads, haunted house, or Halloween display at your business. Place him on your front porch, and only the most daring trick or treaters will approach your door.