Male Apparation Mask and Hands Set

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Caught between the living world and the afterlife, this Male Apparition wanders the halls at night in agony. Strands of wiry white hair descend from a balding, leathery noggin, and wrinkled, pale blue skin covers his anguished face. With a mouthful of jagged, rotting teeth, this fierce fellow has an intimidating look. Listen carefully for his footsteps in the night. If you hear him taking a stroll, keep your bedroom door locked, lest you become his latest victim.

The Male Apparition Collector Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a one of a kind creation that will complete any collection of macabre merchandise. Hand painted with hand laid hair for a realistic look, this premium mask will help you create the ultimate Halloween costume. With a Hollywood-quality level of detail, you'll be fit to star in an indie monster flick with the Male Apparition mask.

Whether you're a collector of macabre merchandise, running a haunted house, or attending a raging Halloween party, you'll appreciate the fine craftsmanship that goes into every detail on these premium costumes.

Male Apparition Halloween Mask and Hands Features:

  • Lifelike, Movie Quality
  • Tight Fit to Ensure Realism
  • Hand Painted for Realistic Look
  • Designed and created in the USA by the Horror Dome