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LORD BLOODMORE Changing Portrait Halloween Decoration

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Legends hold that during his lifetime, Lord Bloodmore brutally killed thousands of his fellow countrymen in an effort to gain wealth and power. His ruthlessness is legendary with some ancient manuscripts claiming he was a vampire who bathed in the blood of those he had slain in the belief it would preserve his youth and thus, his personal legacy. All portraits are sold UN-FRAMED only! These POSSESSED CHANGING PORTRAITS are More than just props, our haunted masterpieces actually transform from seemingly normal to delightfully ghoulish, right before your very eyes. Our portraits never need to be triggered or reset, and do not require batteries, electricity or special lighting. All you have to do is frame them, hang them, and watch as these creepy collectibles mesmerize your family and friends by transforming from normal people to hideous monsters right before their eyes. The experience may very well haunt them forever.