"Left for Dead" Zombie Halloween Animatronic

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Snatched off the street by a sadistic psychopath, this poor woman has endured weeks of torture, until her captor one day failed to return. Since then, she's been shackled to the ceiling in the basement of an abandoned building; Left for Dead. You think she must surely be deceased as you scope out her decaying face. Then at once she shrieks and convulses, and tries to break free from her chains. Zombie or living, possessed or sick and frightened? Do you have the guts to free her and find out? The Left for Dead Halloween animatronic is activated by either a programable controller or a motion sensor. Place her around a sharp corner and give unsuspecting customers a bone-chilling shock. This adaptable character can be a captured zombie, being experimented on by scientists seeking a cure, the victim of a Satanic curse who is being exorcised, or the latest catch of a perverse serial killer.

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