Leatherface Apron Costume

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Leather is always in style. This durable material is ideal for biker jackets, riding chaps, work aprons, and even masks. Of course, usually these goods are made from cow hide. Leatherface, however, prefers the look and feel of human skin. The famous bad-guy from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he lives to murder and make clothing out of his victims. Watch your back with you're out in the woods, or else you'll become the next project of this terrifying tanner.

The Leatherface Apron Halloween costume from The Horror Dome is made from what looks like sewn together human body parts. Lips, ears, and noses are all noticeable upon closer inspection. This premium costume is perfect for wear with the Leatherface mask. Fans of the classic horror film will instantly recognize this psychotic killer. Add a room of movie villains to your haunted house attraction, build a collection of slasher flick memorabilia, or create a ghastly look for trick or treating with the family. Win first prize at the costume contest, or take a few selfies for social media and spend the rest of the night relaxing on the couch. The choice is yours.