Killer Klown from Outer Space

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It looks like the ET invasion has begun, and this alien army isn't exactly made up of little green men. Is it possible there's an entire intergalactic civilization of Killer Klowns, or did these creepy colonizers simply try to disguise themselves as innocent circus fools? As they mow down our planet's defensive forces with their futuristic technology, you wonder if you'll live to find out.

The Killer Klown from Outer Space Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a full, over the head design that will provide a seamless look when worn with a shirt, jacket, or spacesuit. Hand detailed by twisted, yet talented craftspeople, this premium latex mask is shockingly realistic. Orange clown hair spikes out from a pale white dome. Antennae allow this brutish bozo to communicate with the mothership, and a menacing face, complete with classic clown makeup completes the look.

Add a unique new character to your haunted house attraction, craft an unforgettable costume for trick or treating on Halloween, or add this alien clown mask to your collection of sci-fi or horror merchandise. Discover a disturbed jokester from a distant world today.

Krazy orange hair and antennae, blue and red makeup. Full over-the-head latex mask.