CRATE SPIDER Haunted House Animatronic

"Jumping Crate Spider" Halloween Animatronic

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When a shipment of rare spiders from an exotic tropical island, slipped off their transport and landed in a puddle of toxic waste, this ungodly creature was born. Beady-eyed bloodthirsty, this mutated monster grew to several times his normal size in a matter of hours. Now he's busted out of his crate and looking for dinner. Will he spin a web to trap his victim, or is he a hunter spider who pounces on his prey and delivers a paralyzing injection of venom? The Jumping Crate Spider Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is a bone-chilling prop that will send your arachnophobic guests running for the exits. With shockingly realistic motion, this belligerent bug bounds towards the crowd of onlookers. Dirty and cobweb-covered, his cold, uncaring gaze wants for nothing other than delicious blood. Perfect for a room of animal oddities, the highly-detailed Jumping Spider is a truly terrifying creation.