"Jack O Lantern Girl" Halloween Illusion Plans

"Jack O Lantern Girl" Halloween Illusion Plans

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As a giant pumpkin is rolled out on stage, you wonder what the magician has in store for his audience. He opens the top of this large Jack O Lantern, and his lovely assistant climbs inside. She contorts her body and squeezes into the pumpkin as he closes the lid. Along with another assistant, he proceeds to lift the pumpkin and walk across the stage. There it is opened to your disbelief. What was once a beautiful girl is now a slender black cat. The feline jumps out of the pumpkin as if to take a bow, and the crowd erupts into applause.

With the Jack O Lantern illusion plans from The Horror Dome you'll have detailed instructions for pulling off this classic trick. Also including a list of materials needed (please supply your own cat) and performance notes, with a little hard work and practice you'll be performing this illusion to an audience in no time. Follow the script and give your guests an unbelievable thrill, or put your own spin on this popular act and make your mark amongst the world's best magicians.

These are real blueprints that are drawn to scaleeach plan has a comprehensive rundown on materials needed, and even performance details. Finest plans available!