Jack in the Box Halloween Decoration

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Guilty of betraying his dark master, Jack has been damned to an eternity as a demonic toy. This devilish jester springs up and down with a menacing smile on his face that exposes teeth as sharp as nails, and soulless eyes that strive to inflict suffering on all those who cross his path. Better not wander too close to this spring-loaded madman. He'll pop out and take a bite out of whoever is nearby. If you're featuring a room of demented and possessed toys in your haunted house this year, the Jack in the Box Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a must-have item. At over six feet tall, this towering bozo will strike fear into the hearts of your guests as they stare in morbid curiosity at this twisted playroom. A movie-quality prop, Jack is hand painted and detailed by talented artists and craftspeople for an unsettlingly realistic look.