"Infested" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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A growing demonic parasite is finally ready to leave it's host in a gruesome pile of blood and guts. Infected by larvae, this poor soul has become nothing more than an incubation chamber for a murderous monster. The Infested Halloween mask is an over the head design that depicts a bug-like creature with long sharp fangs emerging from a split open skull. What will this agitated animal look like once it has fully shed its skin? You'd be foolish to stick around and find out.

Wear it with a lab coat for a genetic experiment gone awry theme. Add it to your collection of movie-quality masks, wear it as you menace a passing hayride or crew of trick or treaters, or create a haunted house with a narrative focused on an uncontrollable outbreak of alien parasites or an ancient curse that's been reactivated by reckless researchers.

Bring home a quality mask that's made to last. A Horror Dome original, this amazing mask is made from choice materials and highly detailed by inspired designers. Hand painted for maximum realism, it takes guts and gore to the next level. Add a truly unique creation to your selection with one of these frightening parasite masks.

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