"Haunted Mirror" Professional Animated Halloween Decoration

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As you walk down the hallway of an abandoned old mansion, you notice an ornate, yet dirty mirror on the wall. Are the rumors true? Was this house the scene of an wicked dinner party where guests were tortured and murdered by members of an ancient occult sect? You gaze at your dim reflection, and then suddenly, the Haunted Mirror comes to life! It seems this possessed reflector has captured the souls of the unfortunate victims who died on that bloody night. For eternity, their screams echo from its oval frame. The Haunted Mirror Halloween decoration is a high-tech prop that will scare the pants off your guests. Activated by a hand switch, motion detector, or pressure sensor, (each sold separately), this wretched wall hanging can catch unsuspecting patrons off guard when strategically placed around a corner near the entrance of a room, or play longer routines for keeping guests entertained while they wait in line.

Haunted Mirror Features:

  • 40" Tall and 28" Wide
  • Mounts Easily to the Wall
  • No False Wall Construction Necessary

The Haunted Mirror is a halloween decoration offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.