The Haunted Knight Halloween Animatronic

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Cursed by a sinister sorcerer for his role in the Crusades, this once gallant young fellow is destined to spend eternity rotting away stuck in his armor. Visitors to the hall of horrors think they are just walking by a typical display, when this ghoulish Knight comes alive and lunges forward. Wise men have tried for centuries to break this demonic spell, but to no avail. The poor Haunted Knight languishes on in his metal jail. The Haunted Knight Halloween animatronic will have your guests leaping in fright. This free-standing prop appears to be nothing more than an antique set of armor; perhaps more worthy of a museum than a haunted house. As your patrons saunter by, his visor flips open to reveal a decaying, zombified face that trashes from side to side and screams out in agony. A classic startle that won't soon be forgotten, this chilling piece is hand detailed by The Horror Dome for a realistic look.