Haunted Elevator Halloween Animatronic

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Give your Haunt the illusion of extra floors with our Haunted Elevator ride. The elevator measures 4' deep x 6' wide and 7' tall and can hold up to 10 people at a time with a 5000lb lifting capacity. The doors open and the unsuspecting patrons enter the elevator, the doors close them music begins to play. Then all of a sudden the lights begin to flicker and the elevator starts to move giving the illusion of the elevator going to the next floor. A few seconds later the elevator goes wild moving up and down giving the feel the elevator is dropping. Then just as fast as it started the elevator stops , the lights go on and the doors open. This unit can be programmed to run in any sequence or any time frame you would like. Runs at 110 VAC @ 5 amps and has safety features of automatic door that opens and soft drop during power loss. Comes complete with pneumatics, controller, sound module, and regulator.