"Hat Trick the Rabbit" HD Signature Pro Costume

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Not exactly Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail; Hat Trick the Rabbit is a ruthless rodent who roams the forest at night in search of his prey. This horrific hopper isn't interested in carrots though, he has an unsatisfiable lust for warm flesh. Don't go down the rabbit hole with Hat Trick, you'll surely never return. He'll get his revenge for those delicious stews featuring tender braised bunny meat. Respect his territory, and hopefully you won't cross paths. The Hat Trick the Rabbit Halloween costume is a Horror Dome original that offers Hollywood-style realism at a fraction of the price. Hand crafted by highly-skilled craftspeople, this monster bunny has bulging, bloodshot eyes, and ferocious teeth that are ready to tear into his next victim. With an over the head style mask, and arms and feet featuring menacing claws, all you need to add is some torn up clothing and you're good to go.