"Hard Labor Zombie Shocktronic" Live Actor Halloween Animatronic

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No one said motherhood was going to be easy. This undead mama-to-be is experiencing agonizing labor pains as her child readies to enter the world. Will he be a zombie like his mom, or an uninfected child who can be spared a brain-dead life of unquenchable bloodlust? Will she even give birth to a live offspring, or just ooze out a pile of decayed guts? As this pregnant captive writhes in agony, you look on with morbid curiosity. The Hard Labor Haunted House Halloween animatronic is a combination display that features both an animated dummy and a costumed actor. Chained to the wall, this expecting demon thrashes around howls. Just when your guests are certain they're watching a 100% artificial prop, an actor dressed as a ferocious ghoul comes bursting out of her stomach. This Horror Dome original design is guaranteed to have your patrons visibly shaking in their boots.