"Hanging Vampire" Monster Halloween Prop

"Hanging Vampire" Monster Halloween Prop

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Production on this product is booked up until October. This product will not ship until after October 2022.

Entering the abandoned mansion during the day is the safest bet. If indeed there are vampires here, they're sure to be asleep. Above ground, these vicious vamps tuck themselves away in cushy coffins that won't allow deadly sunlight to seep through. Underground however, vampires revert into a bat-like state and sleep hanging upside down. Be careful not to make a noise while you observe these beasts in their state of slumber. No sunlight penetrates into this underground dungeon, so there's no real reason why they won't attack you if they're awoken.

The Hanging Vampire Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is a shockingly lifelike prop that will give your guests nightmares for weeks to come. A life size decoration that's made from latex and filled with foam, this hanging hombre features a cinema-quality level of detail. He features a menacing face, a boney physique, and is wrapped in giant bat wings.

Hide him around a corner so your guests almost bump into him in the darkness. Illuminate him with a strobe light and a burst of fog at the right moment, and they'll go running for the exits. Add big-budget looks to your attraction today.

Life-sized, foam filled latex. Metal armature that sticks out of feet for hanging. A very impressive piece. Intricately sculpted and painted. Approx. 5' 4'.