Hanging Devil Clown Prop - 36"

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The Devil Clown was an amiable fellow by day, who loved to goof around in the big top and make children smile. However, once night fell, he was possessed by a demonic spirit. He'd lure victims into his trailer, perform a satanic ritual, and bleed them dry. Finally caught by brave citizens, he's been gutted and stuffed and put on display as a warning to all ghouls who consider preying on the innocent.

The Hanging Devil Clown Halloween decoration is 36 inches long, and features a lifelike vinyl head and wonderfully sculpted plastic hands. He has blueish pale skin, deranged clown makeup, tufts of orange hair, piercing eyes and a menacing smile full of rotted, yet sharp-looking teeth.

Hand detailed by the talented craftspeople at The Horror Dome, this wall decoration is sure to send shivers down the spine of all your coulrophobic friends. It's a great way to put your house in the Halloween spirit and will make a great set piece for a professional attraction. Draw attention to your place of business around the spooky time of year, or give the local trick or treaters a memorable fright.