"Hand Incubator" Haunted House Prop

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Dr. Frankenstein's lab is a morbid sight to behold. Vials of bodily fluids being kept warm, ready to be injected into his newest creepy creation, internal organs, stolen from people in the village below, and even body parts preserved in incubators. Is this had taken from a cadaver, or did the evil doctor grow it from his own DNA? You wonder what unholy creation this brilliant, yet sinister mad scientist will cook up next.

The Hand Incubator Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is an eye-catching prop. Get your home decked out for a costume party with this grotesque centerpiece, or add a new item to your collection of macabre merchandise. Do you have a mad scientist's lab, or alien abduction scene in your haunted house attraction? The Hand Incubator will make an unsettling addition. A square foot at its base and 20" tall, the Hand Incubator features bubbling liquid and flashing lights. Your guests may even swear the Hand itself is alive, ready to break out and grab ahold of someone. Create a loathsome laboratory full of medical horrors, and give your friends, family and guests, nightmares for weeks to come.

Resin base and rubber top included. 12" x 12" x 20" Tall.