HALLWAY ATTACK Halloween Animatronic

"Hallway Zombie Attack" Professional Haunted House Animatronic

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News reports have been filtering in all evening about a strange phenomenon sweeping the land. It seems the dead are rising and attempting to feed on the living. Slow and dumb, they are easy to kill individually. However, the sheer number of their hordes make battle in the open a futile endeavor. Hunkered in your house, you home the walls are strong enough to protect you from these infected invaders. As they come crashing through the drywall, it looks like you're out of luck. The Hallway Attack Halloween animatronic is a theme park-quality prop that is ideal for scaring the pants off a group of guests. Use it to connect two zombie apocalypse scenes and give your customers the impression that they are completely surrounded. Created by the twisted artists at The Horror Dome, each zombie features incredible detail. Add this corridor of death to your haunted house and take your fright game to the next level.