"Halfmoon Werewolf" HD Studios Pro Mask

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An eerie still creeps over the forest as a sliver of silver moon sneaks through the clouds. In this distance, you hear a menacing howl, and nervously quicken your pace along a secluded path. Why did you take a shortcut through the woods, you think to yourself, before you are suddenly jolted by the loud snapping of your own neck. In an instant, you collapse into a motionless heap on the ground. Another victim of the Halfmoon Werewolf.

The Halfmoon Werewolf has a humanoid appearance and a carnivorous appetite. With pale skin, kissed only by the dull light of a full moon, a canine's nose for sniffing out prey, and rough dry grey hair, this mask will help you create a classic character.

At The Horror Dome, you'll find shockingly realistic Halloween masks, manufactured with a Hollywood-quality attention to detail. Designed for a seamless look when worn with clothing, these terrifying masks feature a full, over the head fit. Terrorize a hay ride, stalk visitors around the grounds of your haunted house, or stop trick or treaters dead in their tracks. This dreadful demon has a mouth full of razor sharp teeth and an unsatisfiable hunger for human flesh. Who will be your next meal?

Halfmoon Werewolf Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Designed and Created in the USA by the Horror Dome
  • Hand haired for authenticity

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