Half-Gone Severed Head Halloween Decoration

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Young and carefree not too long ago, this red-headed maiden crossed the wrong person. Executed by the misplaced blade of a drunken hitman, her half hangs as a warning for all those who practice betrayal and grift. Whether she got her just deserts, or was the victim of a jealous queen's rage, we'll never quite know. She hangs from he long ginger locks in eternal silence. Dead women it seems, tell no tales. The Half-Gone Severed Head Halloween decoration will compete your haunted house's hall of horrors. This Hollywood-quality prop was crafted and hand painted by expert artists for a shockingly realistic look. You almost expect this decapitated mug to come shrieking back to life. A Horror Dome original, she'll frighten trick or treaters who wander past your abode, and make a fabulous conversation starter at the next costume party. Tie her hair to your porch's overhang and watch her dead eyes gently drift in the crisp autumn breeze.