"Grumpy Gargoyle" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"Grumpy Gargoyle" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Hired to scare evil spirits from entering the cathedral, this Grumpy Gargoyle is sick of his job, and ready for a vacation. Brought to life by a magic spell, this otherworldly creature chit chats with his buddy BoBo to pass the hours. Can you decipher their mysterious language? Are they talking about ghosts who haunt these medieval buildings, or poor souls they've eaten for dinner? Perhaps they're debating whether or not you'd fit into their largest skillet. The Grumpy Gargoyle Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is an eye-catching and entertaining prop that's great for any haunted house or seasonal special event, or for attracting attention to your business or store front. From entertaining guests while they wait on line, to forming the centerpiece of a room dedicated to the sorcery of the middle ages, this grouchy goon will be a crowd favorite. Hand painted for maximum detail, he stands a whopping eight feet tall.