Grandma and Grandpa Animatronic Package

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Rocking Grandpa- The Rocking Grandpa Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is an all-electric design that doesn't need a noisy air compressor. Just place old Gramps in a rocking chair and flip the switch. The old wrinkled man rocks back and forth and shouts warnings at trespassers. With a mean expression, locks of white hair and half-dead hands, he's a sight to behold. Add a hat, clothing of your choice and boots to complete his look. Lay a shotgun across his lap for added effect. He's great for greeting visitors to your professional haunted house attraction.

Rocking Grandma- She's creepy, she's funny! Grandma rocks back and forth, periodically muttering to herself. laughing, etc. Rights to downloadable soundtrack is included. You provide a chair and CD player. All electric Halloween Animatronic! Clothing may vary.